The AUTOGAME project aims to develop a serious game for diagnosis and troubleshooting on wiring diagrams, and is part of the area of automotive electricity.
It is aimed at vocational training, but it is so flexible that it can be adapted to other educational areas.
The game is designed as a complement to classroom training materials, in which students must identify faults in electrical diagrams, the reason why such damage has occurred and the component that failed. Wiring diagrams are presented to students and they must identify a single fault in each diagram. After doing this, they can continue with a new activity.

Circuits editor for NON-PROGRAMMERS

We’ve got the editor to make life easier for non-programmer automotive teachers.
With this editor we can add activities (faulty circuits) to our game.
We will be able to share hundreds of activities in our community to enrich the game.

It can also be used by teachers of other specialties to edit all kinds of electrical circuits.

This is an Open Software project.
We are going to create a community where all the activities designed by the teachers will be shared with each other.